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Dinner at Morimoto

On Friday, Nov. 8, I had the opportunity to visit the Morimoto Restaurant, which is run by former Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. I had the "omakase", which is the "chef's choice" meal. This allows the chef to prepare a multi-course meal using the best ingredients he has available and to create whatever strikes his fancy. Several of the items I ate were not on the menu. It was a fantastic dinner, and I encourage anyone to give it a try sometime. After I finished, Chef Morimoto signed my Iron Chef book and took a picture with me. Note: in some of the pictures, the color of the food appears a bit washed out - this is due to the flash from my camera. For more information about the restaurant, there was a special called "Morimoro: R.A.W." made by The Food TV Network about its creation. I do not know when it will be aired again.


The exterior of the restaurant.

Morimoto sign

A close-up of the restaurant's understated logo. It changes color as you watch it.

Chef Morimoto

Chef Morimoto flashes the victory sign.

Dining room

The main dining area of the restaurant as seen from the sushi bar.

Course One - Toro tartare

Cold toro (fatty tuna) tartare with caviar and wasabi, with a mountain peach.

Course Two - Kanpachi

Kanpachi (Japanese yellowtail) with garlic, chives, ginger, olive oil, and sesame oil.

Third Course - Scallop salad

Scallops with yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit) dressing with greens and dried bonito shavings.

The kitchen

Morimoto's chefs are hard at work making great Japanese cuisine.

Fourth Course - Wasabi Sorbet

Yuzu and wasabi sorbet, to cleanse the palate.

Fifth Course - Grouper

Grouper, steamed in sake in a (banana?) leaf with ginger, mushrooms, and exotic vegetables, with hot oil on top to sear.

Sixth Course - Kobe beef

Kobe beef with chives over Japanese yams, in sesame oil.

Chef Morimoto

Chef Morimoto, working on a dish in the kitchen.

Seventh Course - Sushi assortment

Sushi assortment, from left to right: tuna, yellowtail, kohada (shad) topped with sea kelp, giant clam, and salt water eel.

More sushi

A shot without the flash to get a better view of the color of the sushi.

Fish selection

The kitchen had a large assortment of fresh fish ready for sushi and other dishes.


The chefs prepare another dish.

Dinner area

My section of the sushi bar. I really wanted to photograph the odd silverware that they use.

Chef Morimoto

Chef Morimoto surveys his kitchen.

Course Eight - Dessert

Desert: Wasabi tiramisu, with white chocolate yuzu sauce; key lime tart with philo dough cup, kiwi and Asian pear, and topped with wasabi; pumpkin ice cream; and a raisin cranberry fruit compote.

More dessert

A shot without the flash to show off the actual colors of the food.


The compote had been hidden under the flower.

Chef Morimoto

The master at work.

Brian and Morimoto

That's me with Chef Morimoto.


The restaurant as seen from the waiting area. The booths actually change color slowly.


A giant sculpture at the front of the restaurant.

Iron Chef book

Chef Morimoto signed my Iron Chef book. I've been told (thanks, Ben!) that the phrase on the right is "Yume wa ookiku, ne wa fukaku", which means "May your dreams be great and your roots go deep".

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