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Pictures from the LISA Conference, Nov. 2 - Nov. 8

The following are pictures taken at the conference itself. Mostly these are pictures of the people that I spent time with at the conference.

David Blank-Edelman

David Blank-Edelman, the author of Perl for System Administration, and instructor for a tutorial I took.


Garry is one of the OpenAFS developers.

Love, Brian, and Mitch

Love, one of the developers of Arla, myself, and Mitch at the AFS Workshop.


The conference banner.


Tim is one of the people I know from the University of Illinois.

Esther and Garry

Esther and Garry are the AFS gurus.

Ken and Heidi

Ken and Heidi are from NRL, and are also AFS administrators.


James, from my old role-playing group, was there with one of the vendors.


Jon is another one of the people I know from UIUC.


Bryan is the current maintainer of the conserver software package.


Mark is yet another UIUC person.

Giant Heart

The conference social event was held at the Franklin Institute, which has a gigantic heart you can walk into.


Zonker is the author of a great console server FAQ.

Brian, Tim, Ray, and Steve

I'm standing in front of the Giant Heart with Tim, Ray, and Steve from UIUC.

Shlomo and Rudy

Shlomo is from Pitt and Rudy is from CERT, and I met them when Rudy was in the AFS Workshop I attended.

Ben Franklin

As you might have guessed, the Franklin Institute has a large statue of Ben Franklin.

Larry Wall

Larry Wall is the author of Perl, a fantastically useful programming language.

Rob Kolstad

Rob is the executive director of SAGE, the System Administrators Guild, but he's also the author of Unix Notes, which allows IMSA alums to spend way too much time talking to each other.


Another shot of Love.

All photographs are available in larger versions. Please contact Brian Sebby,, if you would like to get a copy of a particular photo.
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